Amero - 750ml

Amero - 750ml

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One 750ml bottle

Amero is inspired by the classic Italian apertivo. Crafted in the USA, Amero delivers a unique bitter sweet experience which can be enjoyed in a spritz, a craft cocktail, or on its own.


• 100% All Natural roots, herbs, and flavors

• No Added Sugar

• No Neutral Grain Spirits

• 20.9% ABV

• No Coloring or additives

• Wine and clear brandy-based


APPEARANCE: Clear and bright, Amero boasts a clear garnet color that has sepia tones along the edge.

AROMA: Our vermouth amaro has a complex nose that starts with bitter orange peel and ripe berry notes, that quickly change into a subtle rosemary/tarragon herbal bouquet with clean cucumber undertones.

TASTE: On the palate, Amero begins with bitter berry fruit and a mild sweetness that fades into notes of coriander and rosemary on the mid-palate.

FINISH: Long, bitter, crisp ripe berry and a hint of vanilla bean, with a long-lingering faint sweet/bitter finish.

OVERALL: The mouthfeel features a lovely tactile richness.

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